Rhino Dump Truck Bodies


Rhino dump truck and trailer bodies are built tough for long lasting durability. Whether it is a light duty body or super heavy duty they are built with quality and longevity in mind. Our LD, light duty models are built for economy and uses such as hauling mulch, light rock and other similar materials. Move up to our MD, medium duty for all round use with heavier gauge materials for longer life. Our HD, heavy duty is built for the everyday hauling of rock and other materials which demand toughness and abrasion resistance for long life. Our SHD, super heavy duty is built for hauling rip rap, concrete tear outs, rock, dirt and is built to stand the abuse of those heavy rough jobs. Combine any of the bodies with a high lift or two way gate in place of the standard gate for more versatility on jobs. The bodies come with electric tarps and LED lights standard. You can choose from options including coal doors, vibrators, tool boxes, lift axles, steer-able or fixed, insulation packages, pin to pin or trunion cylinders and custom paint as well as others just ask. We sell replacement bodies and kits for your own installation. We can customize a kit for you. Call 888-362-6263 or email us for a quote.

Standard specifications

Light Duty (LD)

  • Floor ¼” A36
  • Sides and front 1/8” A36
  • Tailgate 3/16” A36

Medium Duty (MD)

  • Floor 3/16  AR235
  • Sides and front 3/16” A36
  • Tailgate 3/16” or ¼” A36

Heavy duty (HD)

  • Floor 3/16” Hardox 450
  • Sides 1/8” Hardox 450
  • Tailgate 3/16” Hardox 450
  • Front 1/8” Hardox 450

Super Heavy Duty (SHD)

  • Floor 1/4” Hardox 450
  • Sides 3/16” Hardox 450
  • Tailgate 1/4” Hardox 450
  • Front 3/16” Hardox 450

As well as selling dump bodies we also offer replacement parts, repairs and complete rehab of bodies and trucks including painting, mechanical and body work. Check with us for pricing and availability for your next project.

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  • 888-362-6263
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High lift gates                                Insulation, coal chutes

high-lift-gate          img_1284


Asphalt or standard bodies with straight or sloped tailgates.



Also sold in kits also, painted or primed